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West coast dealer recommendation?

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OK, I'm ready to put down a deposit. I live in the Bay Area, and from what I'm reading here the dealer situation is pretty bleak regarding finding an '02 (Mahogany + Touring + Nav) at MSRP within a few months. Can anyone suggest what dealer on the west coast would be good to work with? A dealer in San Diego claimed about a one month wait on that particular configuration (there was one other person on the waiting list for that combo), but the dealer didn't get good comments here...

Also, is there a problem buying a car outside California and bringing it in?


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Concord Acura


Just saw 3 '01 MDX at concord Acura this afternoon (10/28/01). 2 Black(One Touring no Nav, the other Premium), 1 Granite Green (Premium). concord charges a forced option of $893 which includes wheel locks, mud flaps, all season mat, cargo mat and something I haven't seen or heard...a thin plastic around the front and back wheel well (Nope, not fender flares). Supposedly to protect the wheel well.

Sorry for being Naive....but how do they do the old bait and switch on a car? I mean when I put down my deposit, the dealer would write down the cost, what equipment I want, and three color choices. You mean to tell me that they can charge more than what they wrote down? I guess it is an estimate of the cost but the amount should not deviate more than couple hundred bucks. Now I am getting worried that after all this waiting, I could end up at Pleasanton w/$4500 worth of options where I could have gotten one few months ago :<<

Hm, if Pleasanton is willing to let go of their '01 allocation, maybe I will give them a call.

Thanks for the info.


Thanks for info.

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