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I'd sincerely recommend buying a cheap ($5?) mechanic's stethoscope from Harbor Freight, and you'll be able to find the source of the noise in no time. Just put the "probe" on various parts of the engine / components, and when you hit the right one, it'll be obvious where the noise is coming from.

That said, I doubt it's the power steering O-ring (based just on the noise it's making), though it's a great maintenance item for the effort / cost.

The noise makes me think there may be a motor mount making metal-to-metal contact. You could always look for excessive motor movement when the car is moved from N-D-R (or the tell-tale "clunk" that signals a motor mount going south). There's a whole lot going on at that end of the motor though... everything that's turned by the timing and accessory belts, for example, plus all the valve train components. Just hope it's something simple and external (it usually is).
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