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Weeping Mirrors TSB

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Below are the Weeping Mirrors TSB. Sorry for the quality. We will try to get a better quality document soon.

As always, thanks to Tim and TheWorm for getting these to me.

Mirror TSB Page 1

Mirror TSB Page 2
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Where's the 'Thud' TSB?

I have the Thud, and would like to take a copy of the TSB into the dealership, in case they feign ignorance. Can someone tell me where I can find it? Thanks.
has any one had this performed? did it help? i am affraid that if it is not performed properly you have created a larger problem with wind noise.

I had the fix done on Monday. I have not noticed any additional wind noise. I do not know if the problem still exists until I wash it.

Also no squeaks or scratches.

As I mentioned in the other Weeping No More thread elsewhere, the only risk of having this done is if the tech gets too aggressive with the dremel and cuts too far -- resulting in wind noise. The collateral risk is if the tech cuts too much of the grommet away, causing a leak. In either case, it can be fixed with a new mirror housing or a new/repaired grommet.

Mine's JUST back from the dealer. There is no additional wind noise (drove 0-70 for ~25 minutes). I'll report back on effectiveness tomorrow PM, after the MDX's bath -- in the other thread a few people reported positive results. Here's hoping!
I had the TSB work performed today (allegedly). As is the dealer's practice, they washed the car before they returned it to me. I was there as it started to be washed, and was dismayed to see it being washed with a brush, and dried with a dirty shami. Had to bite my tongue.

Anyway, on the way home, after driving about 5-6 miles straight, I encountered a 50 mph corner, and sure enough, water began to spray down the side of the car from the eft mirror. What the he#@&*.... It was a full "spray" down the side of the car, just as before. All over our now semi-clean Black MDX. Rats!

When I turned right, the same thing occured, but less spray.

We also had a problem before with the mirrors dripping after a wash/rain, thus staining the paint with a long drip down the side of the car, under the mirror.

Question: Does this TSB only fix the weeping, i.e., the dripping straight down the side of the car, or is it supposed to also prevent the spraying down the side of the car, usually during a corner?

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I would suggest that if you can live with the weeping then do so. I had the TSB performed 8/2003 on my 2001. We've had some nasty rain and wind storms here in northern CA. After one such storm I noticed the little pocket just underneath the speakers were full of water. Took it and apparently when performing the Mirror TSB the technician broke the door panels and the seals around the speakers. The X is in the shop now being fixed.
whistle sound

Need help....

When I drove my MDX ( 2001) over 80M/hr sometimes there was some whistle sound ( very loud) coming out from driver side window. Seems it's from speaker but not sure. I brought it twice to dealer and they could not duplicate it so they could not fix it. Even I put it on tape they still calim they cannot fix it because cannot duplicate it and no MDX had the same proble before.

Do you guys have any idea about this problem? Thanks a lot in advance.

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