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Re: Weeping - or not

AcurazOnly4me said:
After washing my 2002, I noticed water drips down the side under the mirror. I wiped it, and started all of the Zaino process, and noticed some more water, so wiped it again. This continued to happen through the whole process (a couple of hours). Not alot of water, but it was definitely dripping intermittently. When we drove it a couple of hours after that, there was water sprayed from both mirrors across the front doors, windows, and to the back doors and windows. It wasn't a ton, but definitely a spray pattern. Is this considered weeping mirrors? Also, rolling the windows down and up left big wet streaks on the inside of my windows. I rolled them up and down about 5 times and each time they were wet. By the next day, they were finally dry. Is this normal?
The dripping is called "weeping mirror" and the spray is called "water whip". Whipping usually happened only once when driving at high enough speed. Dripping may last up to a few days. Most, if not all 01 models, suffrered this problem. There is now a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) whihc Acura has issued and the fix is covered under warranty. 02 model is not supposed to have this problem, but it seems that we start to hear more and more from 02 MDX having the same problem like 01. The wet streaks in the mirror roll up/down is due to the leakage of the window seal. It will disappear in less than a day. My dealer says that it is normal, but I do not like the answer (but no where to turn to for a fix).
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