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I also posted this question at Acurazine, apologies if you had to suffer both!

Am I the only one with Weathertech floor liners on a 2013 series MDX? If not, I'm curious to hear your experience.

Living in New England I had to have something with more protection from slush and salt than the OEM all-weather mats. Weathertech looked perfect. I wanted the best so I paid the most. The passenger side fit like a glove. The "walls" fit tight to the console and sill. Lots of protection and no way for salt and sand to get in to soil the carpeting. The driver's side? Different story.

The side along the console fits perfectly. Front where the controls are and the back near the seat? Perfect. The side along the sill? There is a gap, from 1/4" - 1/2" along the whole sill. Of course, the side where the salt/sand/slush is going to drip in from my feet. I contacted Weathertech and they were very good about apologizing and said there must have been an issue at manufacturing, then sent me a new mat set. The second set installed exactly like the first! Is it me? I can't imagine all 2013 MDX owners have a poor fit like this, especially for the money. Does anyone else have this issue?

I have the exact same setup (2013 MDX, Weathertech liners) and the exact same complaint.

The liner leaves a gap just as you described along the sill. I have to believe this is just a poorly measured/designed floor liner and not a one-off flawed piece.
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