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I'll apologize in advance if everyone already knew this...

I ordered (and received) my WeatherTech floormats from Tim. I realized a couple of days after I placed my order that there is a (the?) WeatherTech distributor in Downers Grove and I think you can pick up items directly from them. So, if you live in (or near) Illinois, you might be able to save a couple of bucks by picking them up yourself (even over the prices at

I'm certainly not upset that I didn't know sooner. Tim was fast, responsive and a pleasure to do business with. The savings aren't dramatic (especially after you add in sales tax - see below) and I got my all weather mats faster from Tim than I would have had I waited for a time when I could make it from the Northern Burbs down to Downers Grove. Just figured I'd pass this along in case others might find it useful....

MacNeil Automotive Products Limited
2435 Wisconsin Street
Downers Grove, IL 60515
(on the 'packaging' that came with my mats, it said: "Exclusively imported and distributed by MacNeil Automotive")

This is the place that has the website (can also get there via

Price Comparison (front & rear all weather mats - tan):

- McNeil Automotive - $89.95 + $6.07 (sales tax) = $96.02
- - $107.00
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