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We will never forget...

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As we approach the anniversary of the terror attacks on the United States, I want to offer a prayer for all the people who perished in the attacks, those who defend our country before, during and after the attacks and all the workers who helped in the recovery effort.

Stand tall and proud all my fellow Americans. In a time where a country is still healing, let’s show the world what the United States is made of.

We will never forgive. We will never forget.

God bless the wonderful country and all those that serve to protect it.
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Having always wanted to go to NY city and never been, I feel as though I will be missing something if I do. I am still bothered by the sights of 9-11 and maybe that is a good thing as it reminds me of what is really important, family, friends, and the time you spend with them. I really feel for the people who lost friends and loved ones on that day, my prayers are with you.
Thanks for the pics LL and Paul, I wish I could have been there to pay my respects.
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