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We will never forget...

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As we approach the anniversary of the terror attacks on the United States, I want to offer a prayer for all the people who perished in the attacks, those who defend our country before, during and after the attacks and all the workers who helped in the recovery effort.

Stand tall and proud all my fellow Americans. In a time where a country is still healing, let’s show the world what the United States is made of.

We will never forgive. We will never forget.

God bless the wonderful country and all those that serve to protect it.
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xcel said:

___ ... America is not the God fearing and/or loving country that it once was. ...

___ ... I don’t know what to say other than being a Christian, I am supposed to forgive but being an American, I want Osama’s head as well as his followers for the world to see now more than ever! ... Prayers for the loved ones left behind who bare the burden of personal loss will hopefully provide solace to help throughout the rest of their lives here on earth.

___ ... With this kind of teaching to Muslim youth and with the direct or indirect approval of foreign governments, what else can I do but be suspicious of Muslim’s? ... Please help me somehow cast aside my suspicions of those that practice this religion. ... but there are countries, groups, individuals that have taken up such a radical hate and I know of no other way to deal with it other than to be suspicious and can only compare it to another form of Nazism? It may not be racial purity but religious purity has grown to be just as evil in my eyes.

___For those of the Muslim faith, ... . I do however hope you can help remove the teaching of hate the same way I would not stand for it if it were taught in the local schools my children have attended in the past, present, or future that I know of.

___ ...

___Good Luck to us all.

___Wayne R. Gerdes

God I wish you were my neighbor and all my world neighbors thought like you do. Thank you so much!
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