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We Got It!!!! What A Bday Present!!!

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The first thought I have is was worth the wait! I am definately having numerous moments like those experienced by VA Tech Hokie in the "feel cool" thread!

For everyone who experienced my frustration with multiple salesmen and lack of information, I'll share my final impressions. Let me preface everything by saying I was finally pleased with Performance in Chapel Hill, NC. I had, of course, developed a negative view of the dealership that was started to go further downhill after our arrival. I am a stickler for detail, and I had made very clear with salesman #1 that I did not expect any hidden costs or fees when we came to pay. It was hard enough not being able to negotiate any more than $500 off MSRP. So, salesman #2 (bless his heart) came in with the paperwork.......including a $200 documentation fee. The poor guy knew from our initial expressions that this was going to be a long afternoon. I explained my original deal with salesman #1, and after speaking with management he came back to say "sorry - this is the way it is". You guys don't know me - so all I can tell you is that this was not the correct answer (politely expressed). I then told them about this forum and let them know how angry I was and that I hoped it was worth it to lose future business over this point, because I would be more than happy to come home and post my experience for all to absorb. I then let salesman #2 know that I realized that this was not his "fault", because he was truly caught in the middle. However, I expected my original deal!

Then - bad turned to worse! There was only one finance manager/person, and the couple in front of us buying another kind of car) stayed on the phone attempting to arrange for payment or financing or something. Therefore, we were kept waiting over an hour. The apologies were numerous, and I even remained somewhat patient (which I can't believe considering we still had no resolution on the doc fee thing). Well it paid off I guess, because they were ready to negotiate to keep us happy at that point.

Long story short (somewhat): We took delivery of our white touring model $500 under MSRP, NO DOC FEE, included wheel locks, cargo tray, and rear mud guards, and a car care kit. Then for our trouble and unhappiness - they started negotiating the extended warranty and 3750 mile service agreement. After my husband and I finished talking them down (and walked away from the packages one time), we got what I feel is a good deal, and I hope it truly is. We ended up with extension of the bumper to bumper warranty (including roadside assistance etc.) for 7 years/80,000 miles with a $50 deductible from 50 to 80k miles) AND the 3750 maintenance agreement (covering all required maintenance - oil change, tire rotation, fluids, etc) up to 45k miles for $1600 total package deal. We never purchase extended warranties, but we had negotiated so far downward and are planning to keep the car for at least 10 years, so we feel good about it for peace of mind! In the end, I really do think they cared about how we felt and wanted to leave us with a good impression. They really did! We left that night exhausted, but smiling.

Simply stated, after everything they did to make up for the bad experiences, I would definately go back for another future purchase.

Whether or not I would get the X again is a no-brainer.........of course!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D

Thanks for all the support and sorry for the looooooong post!;)
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'X MOM said:
You guys don't know me - so all I can tell you is that this was not the correct answer (politely expressed).
Oh, 'X MOM....I don't "know ya" but I LOVE YOUR STYLE! Could be that it sounds like we're cut from the same cloth!;)

But anyway, I'm SO glad to hear your good news!:D :D :D I'm glad you got your 'X for your Birthday. ENJOY!:D

So, what's your thoughts on the 'white'? Are you like me and at delivery time, it was the first time you had ever seen the white in person? Isn't it GORGEOUS?

The white is amazing!!!!:D :D I had seen one white in a base model when I stopped by the dealership once before, but there is something about the touring with the wheels and roof sharp looking!!!! I am glad I love white, because it is the color that holds up over the loooooong haul, and my husband keeps teasing "enjoy it...for the next 15 years";) ;) ;) At least I know if we take care of it, it will look good! I am already looking at parking spaces further in the boonies - and you don't know how far I ALREADY park away from everything with our much older vehicles! Oh well, more exercise...right????

Thank you so much for your interest in the whole saga! Yes, I am a bear to negotiate with and my hubby is relentless - but I think we are fair!;) ;) And - I am pleased with the overall outcome!

I just hope it's not raining Sunday (bday)! I want to enjoy it in style:cool: :cool: !
Hey 'X MOM... Way to go! I see you got some of that "Hokie"
spirit from your husband. You are in a very elite group of folks
who have gotten any type of discount on the "X".... and oh yes,
you are also now in the elite group of MDX owners.

Keep the "cool feelin's" going. Enjoy your new, white birthday present...
Just Wanted to Say

Meep Meep


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I too just picked up my new baby... A white 2002 MDX touring and nav.. fake wood everywhere it could go.. fender flares.. running board.. side molding.. front molding.. rear air deflector.. now I'm just waiting on the front air deflector to complete it.. the black on white contrast is nice.. I didn't really like white at first, but since it was a present for my wife I let her choose.. And I can't say I regret it. Its beautiful.. So I guess it's not really my MDX, but I do drive it on the weekends.. hehehe..

Congrats X-MOM!!!!
Re: hidden fees

I accidentally posted this in another thread...

Hey 'X MOM:

I was wondering if you had signed a motor vehicle purchase contract before delivery, and if so, was that pointed out during the 'surprise attack?'

Sorry about the I'm paranoid!

Congrats anyway!!!

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Best of Luck with New MDX

Glad to here you didn't let the dealer push you around, to many of us get abused. Was glad to hear you stood your ground and won! Best of luck with your new baby, try to get them to throw in an oil filter on your first service they usually only change the oil and wait for the 7500 to change the filter, but i'm sure you will be able to get them to change the filter. You might want to consider breaking in for the first 1000 miles, by staying under 55 miles per hour and varing your rpm's when driving. It is a little tough but I believe it worth it especially if you own and don't lease. Once you hit the 1000 miles then go as fast as you want. Best of luck again and save crusing.
I love my 2002 blsck/ebony tour/navagaton, i have about 3350 miles and it amazing. I only added and auto start alarm system to mine other than that it has everything!!!
Numerous replies


Thank you so much for the custom birthday greeting! It was great! Keep meepin'!!:D:D ;)


We got the discount by asking relentlessly! We are royal pains in the neck when it comes to any major purchase! Yes, we also got all of the accessories thrown in free! Just keep bugging - they may be more willing to throw in more accessories to please you, because they may not want to get started with discounting. Let them know you expect something - kinda like getting free stuff was a foregone conclusion on your part! Good luck!:) :)


We did not sign any type of contractual agreement, because the 2002's were not even priced when we placed our order. Our agreement was MSRP minus $500 with additional accessories. Just get your deal in writing if possible and maybe even confirm it with a sales manager. Another set of eyes could not hurt! Good luck and stand firm! (You need to find a pain in the neck like me to go with you!);) ;) ;)
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Thanks for the advice on breaking in and on maintenance. Were you speaking specifically to the paid maintenance agreements like we got when you talk about the oil filter? Every time I say oil change - I always mean oil AND filter! I will be specific with them though! Also, how dramatically do you attempt to vary the rpm's during the first 1000 miles?

You are a woman after my own heart!!! I live by the quote "You never know until you ask" and I use that mentality when buying anything. Hope you continue to enjoy your X, we are waiting for our Red Rock Baby due in April.
Congratulations on your new car, and Happy Birthday!

Glad everything worked out okay. Welcome to the Other Side. (the post-delivery side, that is...;) )
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MDX-MOM! 2/17? My birthday too. I'm still waiting for my MDX GG, Painted rear deflector, Burl shift knob, rear mudflaps, Thanks Tim, BSM K&N filter, Silverstar lights and hand painted Pinstripe (haven't decided on color, any suggestions?).
I'm going to be busy when my MDX gets here Ordered 12/1/01 due 3/02:D :D :D :D

X' Mom --

Congratulations!!! I remember the elation I first felt when I picked mine up. Wait, I still have it.....

Best of luck to you and congratulations on the good deal you worked.
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