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With owning the '13 RDX and '14 MDX, I should have joined the forum long ago.

We have been extremely pleased with the cars. In fact, we have owned them much longer ( 5 yrs. + each) than our usual average. Being retired, the cars are low mileage (34K & 42K respectively). There really has been no reason to consider upgrading.

The upgrade muscle has started to twitch for no apparent reason other than newer has usually been better over the years and the technology improvements are somewhat attractive. So the researching has begun.

This time around, it is kind of disappointing. Always viewed the Acuras as the value/entry level luxury choice(s) and I still see them that way. In considering the usual competitive brand face-offs, the pricing (including incredibly disappointing high maintenance costs) and/or reliability concerns have pretty left me with a newer RDX or MDX or the Lexus RX 350 (after they fix the nose & lack of Apple CarPlay) and possibly a loaded KIA Sorento.

The plan is to replace the MDX and run the RDX into the ground. So a new MDX would seem to be the easy choice.

Not so fast.

The 2019 A Spec RDX looks interesting because of the redesign AND the non-specific claims of larger cabin space. But I need to wait for the specs and to possibly try it on. I fit in the '13, but at 6'3, 265, there isn't much room to spare and I need to push back. The MDX is just that much bigger that it works great and people can sit behind me.

The 2018 MDX. Wow, this whole ZR 9 speed transmission is just a buzz kill. Still trying to get an answer about is it really an issue these days / has it been fixed / is it really a concern. Then there is the 2018 Sport Hybrid that is announced but nowhere to be seen yet. It seems to be a good alternative to the Z9 transmission variant.

Both the '19 RDX (is the 10 speed going to be a problem too) and the Sport Hybrid will likely enter that zone of "it's new so we don't have to deal and may even gouge you with a higher hand-written premium on the sticker" arrogance/nonsense that dealers like to do.

So limited choices and research have led me here to see what transpires. Lurking over the years has shown this to be a friendly, informative community, so hello and thanks in advance.

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