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Your car is 9 years old can't blame Acura...

For all of you with 07-10 mdx rear fusebox water leak issues I know where its coming from.

Hard to explain I need to load pics here
If you remove left roof trim, open hatch,
Pour water into roof trim channel towards the rear, where that water starts to drip off that channel and onto the top left hatch area, at that exact corner is where the water is coming in. Above the wire harness rubber boot.
All that factory body seam need to be reseamed or resealed. Especially at that top channel/corner area.

And your water leak is gone.

Your welcome
Any chance you can post pics?

My 08 I just noticed water leaking into the trunk last week too. Amazing this seems to be timed like most of you, fyi I do have factory roof racks on mine too.
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