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I recently got a 2012 CPO Acura MDX Advance from Boardwalk Acura for my wife. It's a beautiful car and my wife is very happy..

Just had a warranty question though. The dealer tried to pitch us a 3rd Party warranty from a company called JM&A. However, we wanted to go with the AcuraCare wraparound which is good through the end of 2020 (8 years from 2012). Since it was a 2012 and the original warranty expired, we had to get it then and there or else we couldn't buy it (verified by Curry Acura). Boardwalk Acura knew this and we paid more than I would've liked at $1,850. They would not budge on the price. Anyway, we got the Acura Care booklet and cards in the mail recently.

But then the dealer calls us back and says we have to sign something.*They say we have to sign a Driver's Need Analysis (which I thought we signed). But it has the JM&A warranty along with the price we paid for the Acura Care and they said we need to sign that so they could register the vehicle. They said they couldn't change the wording of the JM&A on the paperwork since it was 2012 but that we would get the Acura Care. It was like this when we initially signed as well.*

So I wanted to know if this is legit. If we already purchased the Acura Care and got the cards, are they trying to get us to sign for the JM&A warranty instead (which we don't want). Again they are saying they need this signed otherwise they can't register the card.*

Let me know what you think guys. Thanks in advance!*
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