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Warranties - Over-extended Credit

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I keep reading on this board about MDX owners who have purchased extended warranties on their vehicles so they could sleep better at night. I don't understand. You pay close to $40k for a vehicle, yet you are worried about the slight possibility of a couple thousand dollar repair bill years down the road? It bothers me because it appears these people are over-extending themselves credit wise to purchase an MDX. If you are worried about repair bills, then buy a cheaper vehicle and save the extra money to pay for any repairs. A person who purchases an MDX should be able to comfortably pay for any repair bills that might arise.
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I like them for the peace of mind, but its up to each person whether they want them or they don't. I do keep my vehicles for a while though. That MDX transmission is about 5k, the engine is about the same. Hopefully it will never break but if it does I don't mind paying a little more each month to have it covered. As far as not getting an extended warranty because you make plenty of money, heck, drop the medical, life and house insurance too. Maybe I'm paranoid.
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