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Waiting List

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I have enjoyed following everyone's comments regarding their experiences related to Acura MDX and now I am finally going to sign on. I placed a deposit on a white MDX 8 months ago with a date of delivery of Oct/Nov. I was told in April that I was second on the list for a white X. Now here it is December and I am still waiting. I received a call from the dealership late in Nov. that it was being ordered and I would receive it early in Jan. Today I decided to visit the dealer and I found that my actual build date will be the end of Jan. for a Feb. delivery! That will make it a 10 month wait!

To make things worse I said that I haven't even seen a white one and my salesman said that they have only had 2 delivered but then very quickly said no, it was one. Knowing that he told me I was second on the list. Later talking with the sales-manager, he then said in a conversation that they have only had 2 white at the dealership and my salesman quickly corrected him saying they only had one, as he gave him a look. I know that I was lied to and that someone else bumped me on the list.

I feel I have no where to go since there is a wait everywhere plus if I leave this dealership and have my deposit of $500 returned I am still without a new MDX. I think this is unfair and I would like to complain but I don't know who to talk to. I want to be treated properly from this dealership and if I say something to a superior at this dealership I feel I could be mistreated. I am the second person in my family purchasing a MDX and I went to this particular dealer because they had a good experience.

Please help me find some way that I can have satisfaction regarding my 10 month wait plus being blatantly lied to.
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Call around your state and see if you have any luck. There is always some thing called "extra allocation" and "other dropouts." Also others have expressed buying out of other state successfully. It seems more and more people are getting their MDXes but it is good to try to have an alternative.
By a Mercedes Benz!!!

Just kidding!!!! It's worth the way.....

14....think "outside the Boston." There are 30+ Acura dealers in NE, NY and CT. All within driving distance of you. (Well, more or less....remember, I live in Texas which is 1000 miles end to end).

Start calling. Check this site for NE members. Ask their recommendations.

You have remarkable patience....I know it will pay off. Keep trying!
Thanks for you responses but would you contact the general manager of the dealership to let them know about this situation? I feel that I was taken advantage of by my salesman. I know that I was lied to about receiving the second white MDX and I don't want them to think they can get away with it.

I have contacted other dealerships in my area and they said that I would be put at the bottom of their lists if I would order a MDX through them. I originally went to this dealership outside of Boston because they were somewhat honest with my brother who purchased a 2001 MDX through them.

I feel that I must talk to someone either at the dealership or directly with Acura so this doesn't happen to someone else. How can I recommend this dealership after what they have done to me and I have no control over it!
14, by all means write a letter to the GM and/or CEO of dealership and bring up your family's prior business with this dealer.....explain the situation and ask for his/her help in making you a satisfied customer like they did your bro.

In the meantime, keep checking other dealers, if this doesn't work, so what if you are on the bottom of their are already at the bottom of this dealer's list....what do you have to lose, except the aggravation of having to do business with them?:mad:
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