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Waiting for a 2003?

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I am curious how many members find themselves on the fence like me, and seriously considering a 2003 MDX?
Perhaps we can start a thread as more information becomes available. I was told by dealers they do not know that much more in advance of what's released to the media about next year's models.
But rumors are fine too, and I do believe the larger engine will make more sense with the debut of the Honda Pilot.
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I am probably waiting on a 2003 as well. But not necessarily because of a more powerful engine. A more powerful engine is not important for this car. However, I would be happy to accept a more powerful engine if it didn't compromise mileage. What usually happens to a car in the third model year is you may see some nice, albeit probably small, interior enhancements.

The bigger reason I am waiting is twofold. Right now the MDX is pretty much what I am looking for. However, a lot of cool hybrid/crossovers are coming out next year. When this happens, I will either be enticed to get something else, or if nothing else, the price of the MDX will start to become negotiable.

Of course you could always say, "wait until next year for something better" but right now the industry is really changing and more and more crossover/hybrids are coming out which will create better consumer value.

By the way, where is the rumor of the more powerful engine originating from and what HP figure is being touted?
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