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Waiting for a 2003?

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I am curious how many members find themselves on the fence like me, and seriously considering a 2003 MDX?
Perhaps we can start a thread as more information becomes available. I was told by dealers they do not know that much more in advance of what's released to the media about next year's models.
But rumors are fine too, and I do believe the larger engine will make more sense with the debut of the Honda Pilot.
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<Of course, they may temper a drop of a 1 or 2 mpg with the engine only needing regular fuel.>

I'm definitely waiting for the 2003. The wait in Southern California is 3-4 months, so it just makes good sense. DaleB, are you confident Acrua is changing out the 2003 engine to regular fuel? You can find the MDX selling at MSRP, but they do try and sell a "protection package". Anyone know how much that costs what it includes? I'm in the San Diego area so if anyone can recommend a good dealer in the area it would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
I am dealing with Carolyn Clark at Kearny Mesa Acura in San Diego and she has been great so far. She told me they would be taking deposits for the 2003 models in the beginning of June with delivery late November. She also told me buyers coming through the Costco program not only get the car at MSRP, but all options would be at dealer cost. Such the deal!

My next mission is to find a 2002 Honda CR-V EX with auto transmission. Best price I've been able to find is out in the Palm Springs area at Honda of the Desert for $600 over invoice. Any better deals out there to be had please share.


<One rummour I heard is they may offer satellite radio as Acura owns a stake in that and perhaps On Star.>

I sure hope that rumor comes true. Your logic for waiting makes perfect sense. I was hoping with the increase number of MDX's being produced the price would come down, but I'm not holding my breath.
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