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Waht to Do ? Silver or Black

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After waiting for 1.5 mths the dealer call and said that the Silver with Nav that I had ordered will not be arriving until april (which is 1 mths later than I was told when I ordered it) but I can have a Black one at the end of this month. Now I am stuck with the delima as to go with the Black or wait for the Silver.

I love the black color but I think it is very hard to keep clean and any dent or scratches will show up a mile away. The Silver is great for dirt but the black interior is hard to keep clean as well.

Any suggestion would be helpful !!!! :confused:
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I'd wait. In the scheme of things, you don't want to regret a $40,000 decision just for 2 or 3 months of waiting. I'm still waiting for mine...
Patience is a virtue

I'll offer one comment - the black interior is really no harder to keep clean than the saddle color - it is really more of a charcoal color, and to me doesn't show dirt. And I'm awfully picky about keeping it clean.

The black exterior does look awesome, but you'll be spending a lot of quality time keeping it clean. I live up a dirt road and would never consider black - if you live on pavement it won't be so bad.

And there is the mystique of waiting for your MDX (you can buy accessories in the meantime) - how much do you want the silver?(which, I'll point out, is a beautiful car ;))
Had the same decision to make. Own a Black 3.2 TL with black interior. Live in Las Vegas, needless to say it gets hot. Black is the prettiest exterior color (IMHO) when it is clean, but very hard to keep that way.

Just received my 2002 Silver Touring MDX and very happy with the color choice. Silver will reflect the sun and heat. It should be a little easier to "look" clean (although the same amount of dirt will be there as on the black, but is should hopefully be less visible).

I was given the same offer of a black MDX, but opted to wait for Silver. Fortunately, the delay was less than 1 month. It was my personal opinion to go with my first choice and "not to settle." Either way, you are going to be getting a great vehicle, regardless of your color choice.

If you like the silver and ordered it then just wait for it. I think you would be much happier if you did. Beside the MDX is worth the wait. Goodluck ;) .

How upset with yourself would you be if you took the black one and a Silver one actually DID come through in the March time-frame? Who knows? If you hold out for what you want, there could always be a "silver" cancellation and you could possibly be in it sooner than you think.

IMHO, I wouldn't settle. The first time you see a silver one, you'll probably be envious......
Thanks, everyone for your insight, I think I have finally made the decision to wait for the Silver.

I think what really made me make up my mind is that one of my co-worker recently purchase a new truck and he told me yesterday that someone went up and keyed his truck. (luckly, if you can call it that, his car is light grey so it do not show up that bad), but if it was Black color it would show up a mile away. I understand that this may not happen to me but you never know, there is alway some idiot out there.

My recommendation is to wait to get exactly what you want. For $40K+ there is no reason not to get exactly what you want.

In the meantime, I would continue shopping since some other dealer may already have what you want. It doesn't cost you much to call all the local (or even LA) dealers. This assumes you have a refundable deposit.

By shopping around I not only got exactly what I wanted, but I got it sooner and with no forced/overpriced accessories.

There are people from the Bay area who bought MDX's from LA and even though there is a dealer a few miles from me, I went to Pasadena to get mine.
Black is tough to keep clean looking, shiny and swirl mark free. I suggest waiting.
dt......seems like your choice is waiting 2 months for Silver or spending 72 months wishing you waited for Silver.

If you don't love black to start, it will be a pain in your posterior. I have 15 years of black car ownership.....BMW, MB and Lexus sedans and now the MDX. I think that clean and waxed, it is the coolest color. I personally don't mind the slightly extra effort to keep it looking good....and believe me, it tells you when it doesn't look good!;)

Get what you want....and be happy!:D
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