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I have a 2003 MDX Touring with about 165,000 miles. I amthe original owner and need to get it through one more winter in Wisconsin. TheVTM light is touring on. This is what I have done so far after reading theposts on MDXers. I replaced the differential temperature sensor and changed thedifferential fluid before having one of my buddies (Master Mechanic at Acura)scan for the codes. VTM light came back on. After reading the codes it said theright front speed sensor was having issues and gave a code of 22-2. I had bybuddy replace the right front speed sensor and the VTM light still turned on. Iwatched when the light turned on diligently. The VTM light would be off when Istart the vehicle but when I move it about 20 feet (forward or back) it wouldturn on. It was still showing right front speed sensor issue when checking thecodes. We decided to replace the traction control module back by the third rowseat. I found one on eBay at a reasonable price and plugged it in. I washopeful when I made it past the 20 feet and no light. I drove it around theblock and about three quarters of the way around the light came back on. I hadmy wife drive the car around the corner with me in the back moving the wiringaround to see if I could identify a short somewhere. I could hear a relay inthe traction control module trip when the VTM light would come on. The VTMlight would clear when she pulled over and shut the car off then turned onagain before making it the rest of the way around the block. I then left thetraction control module sit on the floor where the third row seat normally isand drove it over the weekend. To my amazement the light would stay off forabout 5 miles varying speeds from 5 mph to 60 mph. After about 5 miles at 60mph the VTM light turned on. Then I drove it around town staying below 40 mphand I made it multiple trips of about 5 miles with no light! I was hopeful itcleared itself. I even put it in first gear and engaged the full time fourwheel drive and it worked!! The next day driving it again under 40 mph the VTMlight came on again. You can imagine how frustrated I am now... It seams I amback to just moving the vehicle 20 feet and the VTM light turns on again. Doesanyone have any recommendations? I plan on taking it back to my buddy to pullthe codes again. I have been trying to stay away from the dealer because mybuddy has all the equipment he uses at the Acura Dealership. I have spentapproximately $220 so far and really do not want to stick alot more money in itsince we are going to sell it in the spring. I really do not want to sell itwith the VTM light on which will affect the price dramatically.
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