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I have a 2005 Acura MDX and yesterday my alternator went out. I got it replaced and immediately after my car was returned to me these lights were on. Is it possible that the new alternator is causing this or is it probably something else? The auto body shop doesn't want to look into it unless I pay. If it's most likely something else I'd rather take it to another shop as these people obliterated my trust.

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1. Check the battery voltage with the engine running in park. It should be between 14.0 and 14.4 volts. If out of range I would suggest taking it to an Auto Electric specialist who can confirm if the new alternator is bad.

2. Have someone scan the computer for fault codes. Some shops and auto parts do this for free.

My money is on a bad new alternator. The only ones that are generally reliable are Genuine Acura Remanufactured. I was a Honda/Acura tech, for many years before I retired.

From Acura Website:

Acura Genuine Remanufactured Parts

Although no part can last forever, we are able to remanufacture many of our genuine parts to like-new standards through a sophisticated process.

The Acura remanufacturing process involves a complete disassembly, full-scale cleaning and inspection of every component. Parts not up to our specifications are replaced with new Acura Genuine Parts.

Once reassembled, testing is designed to assure that the remanufactured part performs at the same high level as its brand new counterpart.

Genuine Remanufactured Parts that we offer include:

Air Conditioning Compressors
Drive Shafts
Starter Motors
Power Steering Pumps
Power Steering Racks
ABS Modulators
Every Acura Genuine Remanufactured Part comes fully backed by our nationwide replacement parts warranty.*

*See dealer for complete warranty details

The specifics:

Time and Mileage Limits:
Except for batteries, mufflers, and selected Acura Remanufactured parts, automobile parts supplied by Acura Automobile Division of American Honda and purchased from and installed by an authorized Acura Automobile Dealer are covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles from the date installed, whichever comes first. Acura parts supplied by American Honda and purchased from, but not installed by, an authorized Acura Automobile Dealer are covered against defects in workmanship and materials for 12 months from the date of purchase. Replacement batteries are covered for 36 months from the date of purchase, pro-rated for usage. Replacement mufflers have a limited lifetime warranty. Some remanufactured parts have a 36 month, 36,000 mile limited warranty.
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