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Volvo XC90

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Volvo updated their website today, adding more info and more photos of the XC90. Would be interested to hear what everyone thinks...
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just visited NY AutoShow yesterday...

saw the new Volvo SUV - VERY IMPRESSIVE! Unfortunatelly, it was hard to climb into it while it was rotating on the stand - I thought maybe in San Diego it was easier. Fireblade? ;)
Forget about testing the turning circle, but I did sit in a Cross Country! The quality of interior and leather seats are OUTSTANDING! MDX seats feel like a wooden bench in comparison, but I kinda like it. They were supportive 'nough to take me 5 hours non-stop from New York to Maryland, at night, in heavy rain - I personally think the seats should not be even NEAR the Lazy-Boy quality for one plain reason - safety! You dont want to get too comfortable and fall asleep when driving at night with heavy rainfall and morons hydroplanning their way into your lane... BTW, I found a great way to fight the sleepiness - I turned on the headlight, nice and cozzy... but I'm straying off topic here, sorry!
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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