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Volvo XC90

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Volvo updated their website today, adding more info and more photos of the XC90. Would be interested to hear what everyone thinks...
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Not quite sure how you came to test drive a car that's not out until the fall, unless you were referring to the Volvo Cross Country of course. Also, the turning circle is almost identical to the MDX’s so how can you say the “turning radius is horrible”?

I had an XC rental in Boston a couple of weeks back and found the seats to be extremely comfortable, as they have been in other Volvo’s I’ve driven. Probably a lot safer sitting in a volvo seat too.

The engine is actually quite smooth and free revving. Being a five-cylinder configuration, the firing order does have a slightly offbeat V8 sound to it compared with the Acura V6 but the acceleration feels stronger, especially during overtaking. And in my opinion it was also slightly quieter than the MDX. That’s not to say I think it’s a better car mind you…
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