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<a href="">Knowledge Base<a> allows everyone to track MDX problems by submitting one or creating an entry in the registry, just to say "I have one too".

Let's keep it growing in hopes that it will help Acura to solve them faster.
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Just a note to say this is a great section to track doing a search and trying to "thread" the needle. Thanks!
You bet I have a problem...

I just found this problem section. If you are interested in my original complaint, see the general discussion pages
I'm not a MDX owner (or any car owner) but that is cool!
2006 MDX: Wheel alignment/balancing problem

First time when I drove my MDX from dealer, it was pulling to left. Dealer tried to fix the problem by changing the alignment values here and there and rotated brand new tires. Now there is no drastic pull to one side but here is my concern: when I leave the steering wheel, it goes to either left or right. Also I feel some stiffness at the steering. Acura Mechanic told me that according to Honda specification, if the car drifts to next lane in 6 sec then only they treat it as a problem. In this situation what should I do? Can I talk/email directly Acura about this? What are my options?

I just want to say that this is really fantastic section.
Because of this section many of the users who have problems,they can solve here very easily.
Bless you.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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