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This weekend I adjusted the valves and replaced the spark plugs on my 2005 MDX with 110,00 miles. The about half the valves were in spec and a few intakes were loose by .002 or so and a few exhaust were a bit tight at .009. The car is new to me and I don't know if or when the valves were adjusted and the plugs were at the top end of the range at .043 gap.
There are two things I found helpful beyond Brian Eslick'sHow very well done video "How to Adjust Valves on a 2005 Honda Pilot" which is much the same as the MDX. One is get enough extensions to turn the crank and look at the camshaft position at the same time as shown in the image 1a and the other is to use wire to hold the wiring harness off the valve cover as in image 2a. A third might be to have another box to stand on when adjusting the rear valves; the only part of the job that is awkward and a bit difficult because of limited vision. I've combined the pages needed for the job in one PDF as they are in three different parts of the manual.


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