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hondacuraworld said:
I have some good scoop from an insider at American Honda about what's up and coming!!!

* Newly redesigned '03 TL, supposedly completely different from the current model

* Honda, along with the Pilot, will introduce an entry-level SUV currently called the Honda "X". It will differ only slightly, if at all, from the form in press photos (can't find one, although I know the links are out there)

* With the new vehicles coming out, American Honda expects to increase total production by 40%.
additional Comments
*Actually the TL redesign will be an 04 release...not sure if it is spring or fall of 03......the new accord is an 03 model due out fall of 02.
*Indeed honda with over the model x as shown at the 01 NAIAS...and it definatetly has the same appearance as shown at the autoshow!!!! shall we say aztek competitor :)
*tell me about it.....I already work 60 hours a week...please hire more people:)
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