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So I am posting this thread to help others in this seemingly very common situation with Acuras and Hondas.

After many months of struggling with not being able to shut the hood closed, dropping it from various heights (completely unnecessarily!), I am happy to report that I finally got the darn issue figured out and solved forever (no more dropping the hood required either!). I watched a couple videos referenced below and on my 2003 MDX I was finally able to "feel" what the guys in these videos are talking about (you cannot SEE this, you have to feel this, and that is what makes this issue not the easiest one to solve). Once you identify the wire segment in question, you can quickly fix it with a bit of grease on that part of the cable and the releasing mechanism. Just put a lot of it in there and call it a day. Now my hood closes easily (by hand with a light push!) and contrary to what the Odyssey guy says, you do not have to adjust the latch internals every time you pop the hood - as expected the grease will bring it back to where it needs to be automatically.

Odyssey guy:

This Honda guy did it for me: he shows a nice invisible angle of what the problem is in the first place. I only fixed my problem after watching this great video!


Enjoy. Months of struggling are over for my 16-year old MDX!


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