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Ultimate MDX Story ala OJ

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Just when I thought that we were going to have a quiet, relaxed holiday, my brother-in-law calls us with a story you wouldn't believe.

Doug (my brother-in-law) is driving with his wife and another couple in his beige '01 MDX a few nights ago. They're doing about 60 MPH on I-77 near Cleveland. All of a sudden this car comes from behind at 80 MPH and slams into the back of the MDX.

Doug easily keeps control of his car, and pulls onto the side of the road. The other car (a Chrysler mini-van) stops about a thousand feet ahead. Doug calls the highway patrtol on his cell phone, and gets out of his car to survey the damage on his X. The bumper only has slight damage. Doug and his passengers notice that the driver of the other car doesn't get out and they think this is kind of weird. So they all get back in the X to wait for the police.

All of a sudden the other car turns around, and comes after them! Thinking fast, Doug guns the X into drive and starts to drive at 45 MPH between the shoulder of the road and the grass beyond. The X hangs on like glue. But the other car is coming up from behind, and Doug manages to get on the highway again. Anothe call to the police is made, and the mini van is on Doug's tail trying to ram him. So Doug decides to try to outrun this maniac, and he's weaving in and out of traffic doing 80, 85, 90 then 95 and finallly 100 in his X. Thankfully the mini-van topped out at 95 MPH (Doug said the X would have gone faster than 100 if he had pushed further). During all this, the passengers are screaming and trying to get the police (who are apparently doing something important like handing out tickets in a neighboring town).

Finally, the mini-van does a 360 in the middle of I-77, and stops. Apparently, the collision with Doug's X had done some major damage to the van's radiator. Eventually, the police arrive, and the van's driver turns out to be a very drunk woman!

Doug is positive that they would have been in real trouble if they hadn't been in the X.

This is a true story!

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