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Uh...tell me I didn't jump too fast..

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Not that I just got up today and decided to purchase it.....but I did end up with a Granite Green ( I thought it was gray when I first saw it). The color was one of the things I was having a hard time deciding about. The black looked good on-line, though I hadn't seen one "live". I was also thinking about the Mesa Beige. Since I leaned a little towards the ebony interior, I went with the GG. I decided against Nav just simply because I don't travel too much and I was trying to control some cost. I saw a post in here where somebody bought an after-market and was pleased also.

Anyway - I got the Nav w/ Touring, Rear Splash Guards, Tailgate Deflector, Wood Wheel, Side Steps, Moonroof Visor and cargo tray. The vehicle was MSRP of course. I don't think you can do any better from what I've seen. The final price was a little less than Acura's website "Build Your Own". It looks sweet and great to drive. But I'm still adjusting to the much larger payment :eek:

Is it likely that I could have done much better - other than getting none of these options and installing myself ( I'm hesitant to do because I'm afraid I'll screw something up).

It was kinda funny - another salesman was obviously a little upset that I bought it 'cause I think he was thinking he was about to.
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I think that you did great!

I don't think that you jumped too fast -- you got the car you wanted in a color you like, and quickly.

Even though the price for accessories though Tim at are cheaper than any dealer, if you're not comfortable doing the install yourself, you're better paying for them rather than messing them up. Only the Cargo tray is a drop in - no install.

Best of luck with it, and post your experiences... oh, and welcome to the forum, too.
Hey rcottf, I agree with what davegood said. BTW, be sure to try and stop by St. Augustine on Feb 16th for the MDX party, details at the website linked in my sig line below. Enjoy your 'X and post pics when you can :) figure out my care regimen

No digital camera here. Pictures may be a little while.

I've seen the name "Zaino" all over the place. I had never heard of this. Off to that forum now to browse some more.

You will end up really bonding with the GG color. As I posted elsewhere, I initially looked at SS and black but went with GG when I saw it live. You probably will like the color even more in a month or two then you do now. Congrats.
A2MDXer, you're right, the Granite Green color does indeed grow on you. When we were shopping for our MDX at the dealer's last year, we were debating between Mesa Beige and Starlight Silver, when a Granite Green MDX drove in. That clinched it for the wife. It took me a while, however, but I am in love with it now. Talk about a wrong name for a color. I see no hint of green in it. It is definitely gray, and a beautiful gray at that! I guess the marketing people didn't want to convey a gray [i.e. drab] connotation.

rscottf, I think you've got the right starting accessories. I'd add the body side moldings next, when you're ready.

Enjoy your MDX. We've been very happy with ours.
I just love the color of my Granite Green. I showed it at work today, and everyone who saw it loved the color.

Depending on how the light hits it, I can see the hint of green. That makes it unique over just Gray.

I think GG is tied with White as my favorite. Had the GG had a saddle interior, I would've bought it.
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