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2007 MDX

Intermittently random windows stopped working, however as of a few weeks ago the drivers front and drivers rear no longer roll down from the driver door switch. The passenger side front and rear are fine. The driver rear works fine with its own switch. Switching the child lock on the master window switch does disable the driver rear window when pressed. I believe that means there is communication between the master and slave switch on the driver rear but not sure.

So far in this order:

1. Verified all 4 window fuses in the driver kickpanel were good.
2. Unplugged Battery overnight
3. Reset windows using the full up for 3 seconds then full down for 3 second method
4. Replaced Window Switch (35750-STX-A01ZA) with new OEM part from Dealer
5. Replaced Driver Door Module (38860-STX-A01) with new OEM part from Dealer

Whats next? I really have been trying to avoid taking it to the dealer however I've spent a couple hundred bucks on parts and not getting anywhere.

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I will confirm the issue was the wiring harness, replaced it today, windows work fine now.

I still do not have auto-up/auto-down on the drivers door, not sure how to fix that though.
Glad you fixed the problem!

You need to do the Auto Up/Down Window re-learn process. search window relearn, should be one of the first post that has the instructions.
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