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Re the 2011 MDX....what will a dealer need to see to make an extra key, valey key if you will, that will start the car...I don't need the other remote functions(I have two of those)..just the key...proof of ownership I assume? Will they be able to do it while I wait?

2ndly, regarding the transmission surging under light load, I have read about on the 10-13 MDX's...can a dealer run my VIN and see if the TSB update or flash or whatever it is has been applied to my vehicle? The surging seems to be getting worse under light load between 40-50 MPH....all service is up to date...I have service records on the vehicle going back to day one from Nalley Acura in ATL....I can't see where the update was applied, not even sure if this would be in the service records that I have.

Thanks in advance...
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