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1) rear seat related issue - my kids use the third row.. so to get in and get out we'd always have to move the 2nd rows.

problems -
a) we cannot let the 2nd row folded so as to reach 3rd all the time, it would wiggle front and back when applying brakes or accelerating.

b) ok, i'd push it back and unfold the seat, however one has to push it ALL the way back! and it just will not straighten out in the mid-way

c) when i push it all the way back, it just hits the kid's legs - so we have to always ask the kid to raise up their legs so that we don't hurt, and then, once the 2nd row seat is set they can drop down their legs - and to be able to do that, someone has to sit in the 2nd row, and slide it to the front a bit and then let it rest!

it's a lot to do! and my kids won't use the 2nd row! because they think 3rd is comfortable because of the slightly raised leg resting position or the lowered 3rd row seats.... any solution or suggestion is welcome!

2) Audio shuffle - did anyone try to use "random" function for the songs streaming via bluetooth? i just do not see the rand button or function.. so have to use the device to set that way... it would be nice to have the common random, repeat, shuffle functions...
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