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TV/DVD Player Entertainment System

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Was thinking of installing a TV/DVD system in my car and would like to do so for under $1200. Is that realistic for a good system? Need suggestions on brands of TV and DVD player to look for. Would like to have the flipdown TV from the roof so people in the third row can see too. What's a good size screen for people in the the second and third row? Some people mentioned putting TV's in the driver and passenger seat headrests or the in-dash system. What really works the best considering safety issues too. Just looking for info so can start the search.
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Checked the Costco sight and they sold the DVD and monitor separately so total cost is about $820. Didn't see the package deal. Will try to call tomorrow. How recent did you see the package? Know anything about Power Acoustik and quality? Never heard of them but knowing Costco, it's probably manufactured by a fairly well known company and slapped with a different label.
I'll check into all these systems. I live in Northern California. By the way, does anyone know a good installer up in the Bay Area for this DVD/TV system. I'm kind of nervous letting someone cut up my new car and doing a poor job.
I live in Alameda so am within driving distance of the SF, San Leandro areas. Would be interested in your list of stores to check out and will look at the Good Guys stuff. Why don't you give me your friends name in DC and I'll give him a call. Would they do a good job on installation too? Otherwise give me a list of good installers if you know any. Thanks for the info.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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