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Laptop as DVD player

I have used my laptop computer that has a DVD player installed. It has a 14.1" screen, far better than the 5 to 8" screens on dedicated portable DVD players. My laptop fits snuggly between the driver and passenger seat on the center console top, which I fold back. I used a velcro belt to position it on this flip down shelf. I suppose that in a crash, the laptop might become airborne and a hazard, which might point towards a built in alternative.

However, for the few trips we have taken in our MDX, this laptop solution has worked great for the kids. I have found that the kids don't really like headphones all that much. So I purchased an audio out cable attached to a cassette tape output that goes into the cassette player in the MDX and the audio just plays through the car's stereo system. Has really good sound too.

For power, I used a power converter.

For those of you who have laptop computers with DVD players, give this a try, which requires only a modest investment in the cassette audio out and power converter. For those of you who do not have a laptop, there is no better time to buy one than now, unless you continue to wait until prices go even lower.
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