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TV/DVD Player Entertainment System

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Was thinking of installing a TV/DVD system in my car and would like to do so for under $1200. Is that realistic for a good system? Need suggestions on brands of TV and DVD player to look for. Would like to have the flipdown TV from the roof so people in the third row can see too. What's a good size screen for people in the the second and third row? Some people mentioned putting TV's in the driver and passenger seat headrests or the in-dash system. What really works the best considering safety issues too. Just looking for info so can start the search.
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Costco had a DVD system for cars for $600. This included the overhead TV system (flip-down style) and (2) wireless headphones and a DVD player. It was on their site If it is not there, try calling them.

I'm sure you could get a local shop to install it for you for under $300. It would definitely fit within your budget.

Checked the Costco sight and they sold the DVD and monitor separately so total cost is about $820. Didn't see the package deal. Will try to call tomorrow. How recent did you see the package? Know anything about Power Acoustik and quality? Never heard of them but knowing Costco, it's probably manufactured by a fairly well known company and slapped with a different label.
I saw the Costco deal last month. It was less than $600 bucks. The Power Acoustic is a generic brand. It is also used by Audiovox and Farrenheit and I believe a couple of others. I do not know off hand who is the original manufacturer of it.

Look into the Blaupunkt DVD player. It is smaller than the others and also plays MP3 CD's. A pretty good deal. Retails for about $350 but I am sure you can get a better deal elsewhere.

Don't know where you are at but Fry's Electronics has a special running until Monday, it's for a Farenheit DVD/cd/mp3 player with a 5.6" roof mount lcd for 350.00 I was there today The screen had a pretty good picture. You can't go wrong for that price. Also check in the car audio section under Navigation and Mobile video.

Hey Mush, I PM'ed you.
I'll check into all these systems. I live in Northern California. By the way, does anyone know a good installer up in the Bay Area for this DVD/TV system. I'm kind of nervous letting someone cut up my new car and doing a poor job.
Panasonic has a combo deal

Panasonic has an ongoing deal on a 6.5 Panasonic flipdown screen and it's Panacar DVD Player for a little over a g. You can also check at your local Good Guys if you have one, they carry an Aiwa DVD player for about 275 and there are different flipdowns for about 350 and up. Blaupunkpt also make sa good DVD player for about 300.
Deblau, what part of Northern Cali r u from. I'm from Frisco, I wouldn't mind hooking up with you to show you around all the good shops in your area. Or just let me know what city and I'll give you a list if you're around the the SF,Daly City,San Mateo,Hayward,Fremont,San Leandro,San Lorenzo area. If you want some hook up on some gear let me know, I have a friend that works at Good Guys in DC, I can ask him to give you a great deal including installation. Let me know, coz I can really save you a few $.
I live in Alameda so am within driving distance of the SF, San Leandro areas. Would be interested in your list of stores to check out and will look at the Good Guys stuff. Why don't you give me your friends name in DC and I'll give him a call. Would they do a good job on installation too? Otherwise give me a list of good installers if you know any. Thanks for the info.
Deblau, I PM you so watch out for it.

I e-mailed you the info, I gave you one shop in the Hayward Area, also in the Hayward area you will find other shops along the street, feel free to browse so you can get an idea of what is out there for what price ranges. If this is your first time getting a custom install done, here are some advise.

1. Ask all the questions, regardless of what it is ask. If you do not feel comfortable of feel like you were getting the run around then go to another shop. Their willingness to help answer your questions and their patience in helping you will determine how they will treat your installation and how they will treat you should you have a problem with the system.
2. Look at their installation picture album, you can judge their work on how many installs and how well they execute them.
3. If they are willing to take you around to their installation bay to show you some of the systems their working on then that means they're not trying to hide anything and they are willing to show how good they are.
4. Ask for what kind of installation warranty they will give you. 5 years is good but if they say lifetime, this reallys shows how confident they are with their work.
5. Be pro-active, do not be afraid to request or suggest certain things you expect from them and the installation.
6. The shop should be able to give you the estimate in writing, including the list of the products to be used and the cost of installation. Have them do this so if you decide to come back you will still get the same price.
7. If they push you towards a certain product or brand ask them why is it better than the other product, don't let them push you, take control of the conversation, you will be living with this system not them so it's up to you how the final sytem will be including price. Tell them you can only spend this much. Let work that number, and if it's a little over for what you planned it's up to you if you want it or not. Keep the system simple, the simpler it is the less installation you will have to pay.
Good luck, keep us posted on what happens. I still have a few on the list just in case the one I gave you don't work out.
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Try this site. This one is same as Power Acoustik sold by Costco but smaller. Does anyone know how good is the picture generated by TV tuners in the car? Can you hook it up to the radio antenna?
Tuners are generally pretty bad depending on where you are then located vis-a-vis the TV tower. They make a glass surface mounted antenna (check your local car audio shop). (Better to install a satellite receiver in the headliner). I have a similar DVD player mounted under the passenger seat facing forward with the remote eye under the lighter. the sound is sent through the stereo through the FM and to wireless headphones. Mount a 6.5" drop down in the ceiling.
Laptop as DVD player

I have used my laptop computer that has a DVD player installed. It has a 14.1" screen, far better than the 5 to 8" screens on dedicated portable DVD players. My laptop fits snuggly between the driver and passenger seat on the center console top, which I fold back. I used a velcro belt to position it on this flip down shelf. I suppose that in a crash, the laptop might become airborne and a hazard, which might point towards a built in alternative.

However, for the few trips we have taken in our MDX, this laptop solution has worked great for the kids. I have found that the kids don't really like headphones all that much. So I purchased an audio out cable attached to a cassette tape output that goes into the cassette player in the MDX and the audio just plays through the car's stereo system. Has really good sound too.

For power, I used a power converter.

For those of you who have laptop computers with DVD players, give this a try, which requires only a modest investment in the cassette audio out and power converter. For those of you who do not have a laptop, there is no better time to buy one than now, unless you continue to wait until prices go even lower.
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