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TSB listings?

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Hey everybody,

I haven't written in a while but lately I've been doing a lot of A/V modifications to the X. Now I have TV and DVD viewed from the stock Navi screen. Anyway, I was searching for a TSB list, but I can't seem to find anything (ie. weeping mirrors, etc). Please help!


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TSBs for the MDX may be found at

Hey RX-7,
You can go to Hondacuraworld and click on Sevice Bulletins on the bottom.
Thanks Tim for posting them. But I'm not sure all of them are there.

Are you using an Pioneer AVC-RGB1 module to view video on you nav screen? If so, can you tell me where I can possibly get one?

Is the 93 RX-7 a third generation one?
Didn't see the weeping mirror there but here's the thread with another link.
Hey thanks, but I think his site might be missing some. For instance, I don't see the weeping mirror, or front end tightening on his site. Any ideas?

Thanks again

Check my previous post. It has the "weeping mirrors" TSB. Not sure about the front end tightening.

Please let me know how about you video on your nav. I've been looking everywhere.
TSBs not on are usually in the TSB section here (including The Thud). Go to the Problems forum, then click on the TSB/Technical Service Bulletins at the very top. If none show, click the drop-down menu to select "all dates".

Mirror TSB, however, is here (for now):
What about this?

When I was searching for TSBs before I started this thread, I found threads like this:

Front Suspension

Any idea?


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