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I'm sure you're pondering Manik or O.E.M. because the Maniks will save a few hundred dollars and the O.E.M. asthetically seem a little more distinguished.

Though everyone has their own opinion, mine and the majority of people who have commented about the bars I put on, like the Polished Maniks the best. Cheaper than the OEM and I can't say enough of how great it looks. I thought it would be somewhat "flashy", but it just so well compliments the chrome handles and the wheels of the X... IMO, it enhances the distinguished look of the MDX...

The Black Maniks I have on my ML are there to simply to serve a purpose of helping a 6 year old boy get in. But on the MDX, the Silver Maniks are another story...

By the way, choosing the silver was not an easy decision for me. I searched and looked at photo after photo on this forum...

Sorry if I'm not much help especially since you stated that you've already decided on black...
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