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Trip Computer

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Hi All,
I know there has been much discussion in several threads on this subject. However, I am still perplexed on the estimated milage remaining display. I know the computer calculation is supposed to be based on the first few miles after each start/reset/fill-up but geeeze it does not seem so accurate. Also, does anyone know exactly how many miles one needs to drive before a calculation is made by the little guy in the computer? Please help me to understand the trip computer function so I can use it correctly. Thanks to anyone who can provide some wisdom on this subject!
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After filling up, my numbers start at around 5 or 6 mpg and climb up from there. After about 15-20 miles the numbers level off and stabilize at realistic values.

During winter when I'd wait in line for the car wash after filling up, they'd start at 5 and go down from there, think the lowest I was 2 mpg.
A guess based on observation.

I belive that the estimated miles remaining involves more than just the current average. I believe that it incorporates the history as well; one of the reasons the history is provided. History of course is kept for the previous 5 tanks.

I say this because as noted there does not seem to be a direct correlation between the "current" ongoing average and the estimated miles remaining. The estimate seems to me to be far more stable than a one-time current average.
The estimated miles remaining ...

... appears to be extremely accurate (or was it amazing coincidence).

The one time I took the MDX down to fumes, the mileage remaining read 6 miles. At fill-up the tank took 19.2 gallons!!:eek:

Man, you have some big Cajones to take your MDX down to 19.2 gal on fill-up. The closest I have come was 18.2, and I was feeling really nervous.

Range is based on gallons left and mpg.

Hmm.. I didn't think the MDX used the history. It may. I was under the impression that the MPG is a WEIGHTED average based on number of miles driven on that tank, rather than an instanteous MPG. (The graph shows the instantaneous).

Based on this, if you drove 100 miles, geting 13 mpg on average for those 100 miles (lots of stop and go), and then drive 10 miles at 20 mpg on average, your mpg displayed will be significantly weighted toward 13 mpg.

If the range were based on history and current, then using the reset button would have little effect after 5 "trips" were in history.

I believe "resetting" make the computer start over MPG wise....

Again, just my impression, I may be wrong...
More on estimated range

You could be right. The reason I suggested that it uses history (at least in part) is because of the stability of the estimate. I do not notice the range fluctuating as the running average wildly fluctuates after a fillup. Have you notice how the running average changes alot at first, then starts to gradually settle in after a while? But the range does not exhibit this uncertainty. Just a guess.
More on running on fumes

At no time did the Navi say we had more miles to go than the estimated mileage showed remaining miles. In other words the car was telling me (using estimated range and Navi distance) that I could make it. I took a chance and trusted it because I was in my own neighborhood and knew were everything was if the system was wrong.

To me the estimated range remaining is very accurate and when combined with the Nav system is very comforting. That said, I do not plan on making such events a regular occurance:cool:
Trip timer

Can anyone explain to me when (if ever) the trip timer is supposed to reset back to 0:00? I can't seem to detect any pattern.

Are you talking about the trip timer right above the odometer? If so, press and hold the trip button for 5 seconds (or more), hear the beep and the trip is reset to zero.
not solved yet

TD -

I know about the reset button.

Thanks, but I am referring to an automatic reset back to zero time elapsed when the car is turned off for a certain period of time, like at the end of the car ride. My previous vehicle had this feature and I think that it is a more sensible and helpful way to go. There seems to be no discernable pattern as to when the elapsed time sets itself back to zero, other then when I hit the rest button, and if I forget to do so at the beginning of my trip, then the time starts clicking as an add on -- not very useful.
I am not aware of any auto reset for the trip computer. I always have to reset it manually. Once it reset automatically while stopping at traffic light, but I believe this is a fluke in the computer software as I have reported this problem under the thr trip computer thread (the doubling of figures).
Elapsed time

This might help - on the trip computer is a button called Reset with Refuel, with Yes or No as options. I'm guessing yours is set to No.

If you change this to Yes, the elapsed time should reset to zero each time you fill up, and give you the amount of time you've driven on each tank. This is probably where the average miles/hour statistic in the History comes from.

I don't seem to have the reset with refuel button. I have the base with touring (non-nav). Does this make a difference as to what button options one has in the trip computer?
I suppose it does, the only non-nav I've seen was on the one I test drove the day I bought mine.

Can any of you non-nav folks give Michael a hand on this one - I got to believe there's a reset option tucked away somewhere. :confused:
I find myself watching the remaining miles more than the actual tank gauge as its more accurate. I noticed on my recent trip that the gas gauge stays on full for a long while and then drops to 3/4 of a tank very quick. after that it slowly drops to 1/2 tank and again takes a quick drop to 1/4.

Thanks, ghost. I will await to hear from others! Have a good day.

That is true for me as well. My camry does the same thing. Must have something to do with the float device and how it reads the remaining fuel in the tank!
Non Nav

There are 2 reset buttons next to the screen. One is just a mileage counter that is good for several thousand miles vs the 999 on trip A and B on the dash. The other resets the avg mileage. I reset this every time I fill but I do notice that when I restart after a fill up it is already at zero. What I don't know is what happens if you don't press the reset, is it a average of the last tank and the current tank of gas?? Don't know. I think the manual says something.

Good luck:)
Where on display is estimated distance on the fuel remaining? I actually try to read manual (I know real men don't do it) and still could not figure it out! :)
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