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Trip Computer

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I bought MDX in late October and was running it without
any problem. However, I just started noticing that
the trip computer does not display the correct kilometers
left to run on the MDX with the remaining gas in the
tank. Sometimes, it is OFF by 200 KM.

When I fill the tank, it resets to 400 KM. After that,
I can drive upton 600 KM with the tank and trip computer's
reading stays as 0 KM between 400 and 600 KM.

Does anyone else see this problem?
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I've noticed that there was a 'bit' of a discrepancy between 'indicated range' (ie the display) and what the 'actual range' was when I drove to empty (or close to it). But not 200 KM (130 miles)

However, there is a routine for calibrating the 'offset' in the range calculation.

check out:

Maybe yours if off, or you can calibrate it back into accurate range?

Good luck,

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First of all, I have a Nav system thus I don't know how my experience should relate to yours but.... One would assmue the trip computer system is the same.

I just cam back from my first long trip and was surprised at how well the trip computer worked. On previous tank fill ups the estimated range was only around 240 miles (you do the conversions). Of course the trip computer only had previous histories of around 15 MPG since little highway driving had been done. Once on the highway for a bit, the average MPG stated increasing as well as the estimated range. That's right, the range actually started to go up and then as we continued driving it went down.

I would suspect your suystem is not working properly and if only to set your mind at ease, you should have the dealer check it out.
I want to know how you get 600km out of a tank. At best I get 400.
I got 650 km out of a tank driving 90% highway / 10% city. Granted, the tank was almost empty :)

Average highway speed: a little under 120 km/h (70 mph for the rest of the world)

Daily commute and normal city driving, I never got under 400 km. It is more 450 - 475. The right foot probably has a lot to do with those results...

This is exactly the behavior I saw when I bought
my MDX. After the tank fill up, estimated range
used to go up and after driving about 150 KM, it
was quite accurate. But not anymore. Now estiamted
range does not go up. It just starts decrementing once
the tank is filled.


I am regulary getting 600 - 625 KM and my driving
is 80% HWY and 20% city.

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Range Not Recalculating on Fill up

Robert -

Mine, which is new = filled after only 100 miles is doing the same as you just described - range just keeps decrementing. On the first 100 miles, I only got 14 MPG. The fuel gauge showed full and then suddenly dropped to about 1/2. The MPG calc had been showing 18+ consistenly, then began showing 14 or so. What did you find out?
Found this, which may be of interest:

Here is how to calibrate a non-nav:


1. Turn on display

2. Press CLOCK plus RESET together for 5 seconds. It will enter a calibration mode

3. The value which will be changed will blink. First the temp offest will blink, pressing TRIP will toggleto the Range Offset. Press TRIP again and you are out of the calibration mode.

4. There are two values which can be adjusted: a RANGE Offset and a TEMP offset. The MODE and A/C button will adjust down and up (- and +) respectively.

Like the NAV, the car comes with a -20 mile range offset. This is why when you fill up you always have plenty of gas in the tank. It can be adjusted in 10 mile increments.

For the temp offset, be careful. Static measurements can be affected by the engine/radiator. Don't use the weatherman's temp. Be especially careful if you use the temp to detect road icing. better to err on the low side.

Still looking for info re: Navi.
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