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Trailer hitch & MDX performance -- Help!

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I got my MDX in February, 2001. Recently I had the 24,000 mile tune-up done.

Last week I had the Acura dealer install the trailer hitch option to my MDX (needed for a bike rack). I have now noticed a major change in the performance -- hesitation, sluggishness, no pep.

Has anyone else installed the trailer hitch and noticed any change in performance? I have not yet talked to my Acura dealer, but will do so. I would appreciate hearing any feedback from those who have installed the trailer hitch and hearing if they noticed any change in performance.

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For just adding trailer hitch, I don't think that will change your X's performance. Did you buy the whole towing package? If yes, then dealer will add additional transmission cooler. May be something was not done right there?

You need to unhook that 8,000 lb trailer from the new hitch- should improve performance noticeably.

:) Couldn't resist...

If they mounted coolers than maybe someone forgot to reconnect one of the electrical connectors/sensors. Can't see the tranny or power steering fluid line affecting performance.

Sounds like a dealer visit...

And what service schedule are you using with a "24,000 mile tuneup"????

22,500 is an oil change and tire rotation...

closest thing to a tune up is timing belt/spark plugs/valves at 105,000 miles

We installed the trailer hitch ourselves, no performance difference before and after. Maybe it is the something with the transmission hose (the other hose affected was the power steering). Also could be the dealer tune up. Go back to your dealer again.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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