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1992 previa
2002 mdX

previa - 7 seater (comfortably)
mdx- 7 seater (tight)

previa- 2.4L 135 hp
mdx- 3.5L 240 hp

previa- about 4000
mdx- about 4000

previa- had to change spark-plugs, suspension, tires, and radio
mdx- nothing yet

previa- hard driver and passenger headrests
mdx- comfortable headrests throughout vehicle

previa- lots of wind noise
mdx- noise at high speeds (heard from posts, haven't experienced any)

previa- 15in MSW alloys
mdx- 17in Goodyear alloys

previa- dual air conditioning
mdx- dual air conditioning

previa- 0 to 60 about 10 seconds
mdx - 8.2 seconds

previa- midengine, rear drive
mdx- front engine, 4wd (front)

how much has this comparison helped you?
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I'm about one year ahead of you. We replaced our '91 Previa (AWD) with the 01 MDX.

Clearly the Previa had more room and we liked the fold up 3rd seats. But even though the ride was good in the Minivan, I actually prefer the ride in the X, more so for the handling and the more powerful engine. And we get better miliage w/ the X. This is totally mute since they quit making those Previas a few year's back.

I might have been lucky, but other than some AC work, nothing other than routine maintenane was needed.
So far- even better- with the MDX, since we haven't had any work done (inlcuding warranty) and we've had it about a year.

Hope you enjoy your X!

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Here's one thing you missed.....


if you get involved in an offset collision at 40mph you're sure to DIE :(

if you get involved in an offset collision at 40mph you're likely to survive intact :2:

see both vehicles at

The Previa received a POOR overall rating which is SHOCKING for a Toyota.....but then again it's an old design

The MDX receives a GOOD (Best Pick) rating which shows that Honda has really come a long way in safety!!

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That's funny - I thought someone was actually trying to compare the Previa to the MDX! Oh, foolish me!

You forgot a few:

Previa -- ugly
MDX -- cool

Previa -- minivan

Previa -- ugly
MDX -- cool (Oh, did I say that already!)

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