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For all of you wanting to know if 265/60r18 will fit, yes they do.

There are no adverse reactions to the bigger tire. I have pulled a long steep enough Hill to see if it effects overdrive kicking in and out and it does perfectly fine.

No rubs,scrapes or anything to worry about.

As for handling, I don't race an SUV through curves. I have an Audi TT and WS6 Trans Am drop top for my cruising fun. The MDX is a people mover in inclement weather for me.

My purposes was to fill the wells a bit more as stock looks weak to me however, it does handle much better than the cheap tires that was on it and the Toyo Proxes STlll has a stiffer sidewall and bead which negates the taller sidewall causing less control.

I'm very happy with the choice, performance and look of the new shoes.

Hope this helps any that have wondered about this size. Screenshot_20200115-094702.png 20200115_093914.jpg
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