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I bought a set of these Celcius CUV in 255/55/18 back in January 2017 and have put about 3000km on them so far. Living in Canada, I've taken these tires through a few decent snowstorms and icy country roads. They've performed better than the previous Latitude HP, as you would expect from an all-weather tire. The sidewalls state that they are "Made in USA" if that makes a difference.

Can't comment on wear at only 3000km, but no noticeable wear at this point. I towed a 3000lb boat about 300km last weekend and they performed just fine.

From what I've read, Toyo uses an all-season rubber compound for these tires, and add the all weather capability through design with extra sipes.

Thus far, I would recommend them and it sure was nice not having to swap tires in the spring.
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