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tvfromhouston said:
Here is a review from boating magazine about the Xs towing capacity, but it was for a 2000 lb+ boat.

Has anyone had any experience with heavier boats or objects? ie in the 4-5000 pound range using the MDX?

I currently own a 2001 Acura MDX touring black on black with the Acura towing package. I also use the Acura MDX to tow my 21.5 feet SeaRay boat with a Mercruiser I/O board engine on a stainless steel TRAILRITE trailer. Total weight of this craft is 4,267 lbs. I have towed the boat from San Diego to Mohave Lake, Shasta Lake, Colorado River lake Havasu and to the ocean like Dana Point , Mission beach and such....

NO PROBLEM..I have experienced NO over heating or slipping or struggling on launching and landing the boat while the MDX is on the launching ramp.

One thing that I find AMAZING about the MDX versus other 4WD trucks is that when the MDX is on the launching pad on an inclide where its half submerge...the rear wheels are on slippery moss and weeds...other trucks struggle to pull the boat out while...the MDX gently move the boat and trailer out with NOOO problem. I love the Acura engineers for thinking up of such a cool 4WD system>
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