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The MDX is programed to give as good of fuel economy as it can. When I am on the freeway cruising at say 65 - 70 MPH steady, it is probably running on 3 cylinders. When I step on it just a little there is a lag, noticeable but not too long before the engine delivers more power. Most likely the torque convertor has to uncouple and the engine has to go back to 6 cylinder. Then it will respond to slight increases in power or speed. That is completely normal and it was like that on my 2014 and this 2015. If I punch it there is also a lag but it will come up in RPM quickly. The trans flush and programming upgrade does help quit a bit (for what Acura calls "judder.") I suspect that folks who are used to drive by cable will find some differences in drive by wire where fuel economy is a major part of the configuration. Remember that the Federal Gov't sets mpg fleet standards and that is partially what drives some of these complaints folks have. If the manufacturers designed for max power now, the MPG would suffer and the environmentalists would be complaining that all of us should drive these:

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