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To replace or to repair my windshield?

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It is only one month and I got a chip on the windshield, I don't even know when did that happen!!
Anyway, I need some advice whether to replace it or use some toolkit to repair it. I am concerned if I replace it, will it reduce the seal tightness from the factory?
If I should replace it, any good store in the Silicon Valley you'd recommend?
If I should repair it, which brand/toolkit I should consider? The size of the chip is pretty small.
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Glass Repair vs Replacement

Some new info and summary of others:

(1) When you get a chip, get it fixed FAST. If you wait, good chance will start to crack and/or spider web.

(2) Professional repairs by "competent technicians" are "near invisible". If the repair is directly in the driver's normal straight ahead view, the "near perfect" repair may not be good enough for some people.

(3) Many chips require drilling the windshield so that the resin can be properly injected. Suggest you leave this to the pros [note: they have already practiced on other peoples' windshields!!]. Remember practice makes perfect [or some such stuff...]

(4) Each "chip repair company" will claim that their process/resin is "the best, far better than all the others". How can they all be best?? In reality, they are all good [surprise!!].

(5) I believe that many insurance companies pay for most/all. In response to an earlier post, AAA pays ALL COST and sends modbile tech to your home or work [much prefer to pay $50 than eat their share of $500 - $1500 windshield.
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Windshield Problem

Is your MDX a 2001 or 2002? Did you notice whether the other ones were 2001 or 2002? Curious to know if all MDXs have the problem or just one specific year?
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