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To replace or to repair my windshield?

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It is only one month and I got a chip on the windshield, I don't even know when did that happen!!
Anyway, I need some advice whether to replace it or use some toolkit to repair it. I am concerned if I replace it, will it reduce the seal tightness from the factory?
If I should replace it, any good store in the Silicon Valley you'd recommend?
If I should repair it, which brand/toolkit I should consider? The size of the chip is pretty small.
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Just want to share my experience on reparing windshield:
- I have been doing research to determine if I should repair or replace the windshield. While researching, I am still using the car. The originally small chip started to crack. That pretty much decided for me that I have to replace.
- I was able to locate some folks who had experience with windshield repair kit. Here are what I learn:
-- Once repaired, it is not noticable unless you check closely
-- One of my friend had a repair done on his BMW five years ago. No problem so far.
-- If the hole is smaller than a quarter, go repair it. You want to do it ASAP. Otherwise, it will spread like spider net. Even the repair kit claim they can fix crack up to 12 inches long, you probabbly don't want these repair mark on you lovely MDX.
-- Another reason you should do it ASAP is that the damaged area will be clean and you'll get good bonding with the repair kit.
-- Unless you have experience with these repair kit, go to repair shop. They have experience, can do it much faster and the cost is under $60.
-- If you plan to do it yourself, make sure you have lots of sun!! The instruction said 30min or 60min if it is cloudy. To repair crack, ithat is fine. To repair hole, you probabaly want to give it a whole day. If you do it at professional shop, they have UV light and can complete the hardening process much faster.
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Since the original small pit started to crack, I decided to replace. It took the dealer about a week to order the OEM windshield. Then I have to make appointment to turn in my car to dealer. The actual work will be done tomorrow.
If you choose not to go through dealer, then the glass repairer can go to your home or office to do the work. However, as you pointed out that 2002 windshield is different from 2001 model, I am concerned that if I don't go through dealer I may not get the real 2002 OEM windshield. Besides, my deductible is the same.
To prevent the windshield from further cracking, I applied the $10 repair kit. I went to Tahoe and the crack did not spread.
But, the crack does reflect sunlight in certain angle. So, I am glade that I am going to have it replaced.

You mentioned that MDX shield cracks easier, that is interesting. I was not able to figure out when I got that pit. I did not go to freeway the day before I noticed the pit. I wonder how many people have that impression that MDX is windshield is easier to crack? :confused:
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Three windshield in one day!!

It is a long story. But, my windshield is finally replaced today!!
A week back when I talked to the service consultant in the dealership about whether MDX windshield is easier to crack. He denied. A week later, I am support to have my windshield done yesterday, dealer postponed it to today because they can have mine done with other MDXs. Today, they have three MDXs that need windshield replaced, this is in one dealership. Does this indicate a general MDX quality issue in the windshield?:confused:
no chip, no mark

It is about three weeks after my windshield replaced, my new windshield got hit by another stone. It gave very lound noise and my heart dropped at that moment. I though I am going to break the record, two windshields in a month.
When I got a change to examine the windshield, I was surprised to see that, other than some dust, no chip, no mark on the area that was hit by the stone. So, my confidence on the quality of MDX windshield is back.
On the other hand, I am still puzzled how I got the first chip. This time, I heard the noise and I was driving about about 40 mile an hour. The result: no chip, no mark.
Last time, I don't even know when and how I got it. Compare these two incidents, I speculate that may be my first incident was done by some jealous people. Oh well, at least I feel more confident on MDX's windshield now.
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