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To replace or to repair my windshield?

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It is only one month and I got a chip on the windshield, I don't even know when did that happen!!
Anyway, I need some advice whether to replace it or use some toolkit to repair it. I am concerned if I replace it, will it reduce the seal tightness from the factory?
If I should replace it, any good store in the Silicon Valley you'd recommend?
If I should repair it, which brand/toolkit I should consider? The size of the chip is pretty small.
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Windshield stone chips

I've had two stone chips on my 2001 MDX. This chip frequency does seem higher than in previous vehicles, although it's difficult to say whether the fault lies with defective glass or just a design flaw which causes air flow to direct objects into the windshield.

I discussed this problem with my Acura service rep. They indicated that Acura has had this problem on other vehicles (but didn't feel the MDX was a problem) and the fix is always some sort of improvement in hood design or something else which can redirect stones etc. Given the thicker 2002 glass having as many stone chips, I'm sure the problem is unrelated to the glass itself.

My first chip was about the size of a dime and was fixed reasonably well (without windshield replacement). When I took it in for servicing, the Acura Service rep didn't like the job they had done and did a second repair - making it almost invisible. My insurance company covered the original repair with no deductible - Acura did the follow-up repair as good customer service. :)

My second chip was about the size of a quarter. I didn't think this was fixable and had Acura order the OEM windshield (price was $700). When I took it in, they recommended fixing it rather than a replacement. The repair is still noticeable but not in any sightlines, so I'll live with it (and save my insurance company some money).

If I get a third chip (at this rate it shouldn't be far off -:( ) I'll go with the $700 windshield and maybe get the new improved 2002 glass (if it fits my 2001 - anyone know???).
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Chips and air deflector

I had the Acura air deflector on my MDX for a few months last summer and didn't experience any stone chips (despite a fair amount of highway driving).

I eventually returned the Acura deflector because it created an annoying wind whistle. Whistle went away, but I did experience two stone chips without it. That could be coincidental though.

Regardless, I've ordered the 'Formfit' hood deflector from my Acura dealer and will give that one a try. I do feel there is some benefit to having some front-end protection for both the windshield and the hood.
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