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Our 2012 Acura MDX Advanced came with good Michelin 19" tires. Great road tires and quiet. But we moved to the Ozarks where the paved roads are better maintained than our previous states of LA and MS. But our home is now 5 miles of gravel mountain roads. The Michelins failed miserable from rock cuts in the tread and sidewall. And if you lose one tire on the AWD system you have to replace all 4. We violated that rule a few times.

So we asked a local tire dealer if there was a better gravel road tire and hopefully cheaper than the Michelins. He sold us a set of Bridgstone Alenzas. A lot cheaper. Great tires! Bullet proof. Quiet. But after we wore out the first set the second set had significant road noise, especially in the rear. We bought them through Wal and saved $50+ per tire over local dealers. We bought road hazard warranty which Wal Mart honored to replace the nearly new rear tires because of the noise. But it did not help. So now we are shopping for a new alternative in 19" tires for road hazards like gravel and rock cuts when these wear out. Bridgstone must have changed their Alenza design.

Anyone have any recommendations for more durable yet road noise free tires?
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