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KBD431 ~

That's really a well-stated, informational post. It will help many out!

Like it's been mentioned so many times before, if you're willing to possibly do a little traveling and/or calling outside of your "local area", chances are you will find an MDX. Especially if you are not locked-in to one particular color.

I didn't even know the MDX existed 'til last month. That's when we went auto-shopping (while others were doing their Christmas shopping ;) After falling in love with the MDX, the "Acura games" began (forced options and or MSRP+). :mad:

I used to be a Honda owner and travelled 150 miles to buy my cars because the dealer didn't jerk us around. I applied the same concept to Acura dealers. I went to the Acura website and started doing dealer searches. Nearly all dealers can be contacted directly via Acura's site.

I emailed them, specifically stating what I wanted (White/Touring/MSRP only) and told them that if they had it, to contact me. My phone started ringing off the hook. I did have a few contact me saying that they could have the car I wanted by the end of December but, most of them were the dealers that were forcing options and wanted me to buy on impulse. Especially since they turned down a CASH deal if they were willing to sell it at MSRP! :confused:

Thanks to this board and the gentleman that posts his allocation, it's obvious that NO dealer is going to get something that he doesn't already know he has coming. :D

Another dealer called me and told me he had the car I wanted, coming in in January. I went there, signed the purchase order and it is coming in this week. Less than 30 days to MDX ownership is GREAT!
:D :D :D

There are some good dealers out there, you just have to be willing to find them.
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