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Hi everybody,

having done some search of the forum archive, I couldn't find any reference to my problem, so here's a new thread, and sorry if it's been discussed and answered before.

My five month old MDX seems to be collecting small scratches on the right side of the rear bumper, above the exhaust. I don't know what is causing that and I'm not sure what could remove it. I also cannot understand why it would only be in this location.:confused:

And by the way, I'm thinking of putting some Zaino (which seemed to have been discussed to death but...) on the X but it's five months already and I haven't had the time... ok, I haven't had the patience... ok, ok, I'm just plain lazy, gimme a break will you ? Anyhoo, is it still worth it ? Should I still do it one day and for what benefits ? Should I try to remove the itsy-bitsy teeny weeny scratches on my rear bumper first ? and how ? (and if somebody has the winning number of the next California Lotery, I'll take that too :p )

Thanks for any help, and once again sorry if this is a repeat post.

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