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If you take it to an Acura dealer, make sure you get the list of parts that they are planning to install.
Unless you ask for more parts, to be installed, they won't even install all of the items in the following kit:

Go to e-bay and search "Aisin Kit TKH-002" This is the best kit to get and many, many of us have used it, with no issues.

You'll need anti-freeze and the serpentine belt (which the above kit doesn't include #56992-rv0-a03).
You shouldn't need the serpentine belt tensioner #31170-rca-a04.

It appears that this will be the first TB job on this MDX, so you can ask the mechanic to visually check your cam seals and front crank/oil pump seal.
These seals won't be included in the dealer quote, because they very, very rarely fail, but are recommended at 210,000 miles.

The spark plugs should be replaced on or near 100,000 miles.

Tip: Go to facebook and ask if anyone knows someone that has replaced the timing belt on the j37 motor, in an Acura TL Type S?
When you find somebody, tell them that you have the j37 in your MDX and need the TB done.
Expect the labor to be $250 - $300.
Ask for your old parts back, so you can give them to the buyer, when it's time to sell the car.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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